Rain Forest sounds....

They were calling for almost 6 days of rain this week... I almost was paralyzed by the propect but they have altered the report so it is supposed to be mostly sunny for days! Which is a very good thing as we are in the process of laying the stone for the walkway , Matthew only has to make the cuts and adjustments now which he will start tomorrow(especially as it is too wet to mow)and voila, a new and beautiful walkway without the corraling hostas. This makes the garden in the front so much more open to strolling,to amazing effect! I realized how much I disliked the hostas lining up like untidy soldiers, forcing people to only travel in a straight line to the door we do not ever use...they were never uniform enough to pull off the formality, of which I am not such a fan... straight lines need abundant plantings and over-spilling flowers to be romantic, not rigid! I believe a garden is a romantic endeavor, of planting living things to achieve an effect in future, not a subjugation of plant forms to our will, but a statement of hope and allowing the nature of each to reach it's full and abundant potential in it's own way, a statement of hope and acceptance of all forms , revealing slowly the secrets of the garden, the bench , the birdbath, the ponds, the critters...I am overcome with joy over the replanting of the hostas to a new and more conducive placement. The side effect of the move is the improvement of the side garden, which I have been working on for a few years now, it can take a long time and many seasons for the plants to establish and now with the outrageous amount of new plant material it is a woodland rainforest by the pond! Oh the joy...I purchased some new monkshood and bergenias, well as some ligularia to accent the hostas and the trilliums and wild ginger are really starting to establish! Hope I have enough energy to put in the small stone circle I have planned by the pond, lately I only have 5 hours of energy a day! Which can be mostly used by breakfast preparations! This morning was old fashioned buttermilk pancakes with walnuts, bananas and chocolate chips and a decadent banana cream. They were delicious!

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