Out with the old....

It is a magnificent day here in the mountains, the weather has dropped to 50 at night, and gloriously sunny all day, with a refreshing breeze moving the burnished leaves against the incredibly blue sky!I had to shop( oh the horror) for new drapes for one of the rooms, apparently with the original glass there is no uv protection, and therefore, the fabulous silk I paid a fortune for only 8 years ago has deteriorated and split.It is however a lovely change in one of my favorite rooms and the end result will be fantastic, a rich espresso velvet, vintage but contemporary at the same time which will accent the beautiful sumac rug I bought last year in Johnson City.Sometimes the richness of a deep color tone can visually expand space and allows for a dramatic and romantic effect with mirrors and crystals. I really like to nod to the history of the inn, but not be a slave to it! Lola and Skye are great, really loving the weather, I am of course dreading the winter chill with 3 or 4 walkies a day in all weather, I finally realized I am like Goldilocks, this is too hot, this is too cold...and the perfection of spring and autumn are too soon gone...I am however looking foward to getting the minkies out of storage, last year I I acquired a selection of hats and gloves and boots and then we had a mild winter and never had the chance to use them! Lola is ready for cold weather, she has been growing a lovely thick and silky coat with some red highlights, and Skye is just a puff of fox red fur.Mom is so frail, and to my horror, she has not received any nursing care that was promised over a week ago.I am apalled at the apathy, and had to spend 4 hours at the emergency room after she fell while taking the very dangerous drug coumadin and we never even made it to the holding area! I finally was so disgusted and felt that she would have had symptoms if she were in fact bleeding in her brain that I left and took her to dinner.Fortunately she did not have enough of the drug built up in her blood to actually be effective.... It is disgusting the lack of care for the elderly. Good thing I am here!It is very hard to balance the demands of the business, the family and the Mom.Well I guess it keeps me out of trouble...Back to internet shopping... Lola should have a new crystal collar, maybe with some snow flakes...

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